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Pre-sale services

Staff and assistant when good customers, so that the user of an investment to get good returns.
· Equipment Model selection;
· According to the special requirements of customers, design and manufacture of the product;
· Training of technical personnel for clients;
· To provide customers with the construction technical advice.

The sale of services

Respect for customers, so that customers feel comfortable, Heart, comfortable, committed to improving the overall value of the customer.
· To provide customers with free equipment installation and commissioning services;
· Free customer training operating personnel and technical staff;
· Oversight product delivery.

After-sales service

Improve the overall value of the customer, so that customers no worries.
· Equipment installation;
· Products for one year warranty and lifetime maintenance, rapid and efficient for our customers to provide the necessary spare parts;
· Occasional patrol equipment;
· Create a perfect product to use file;
· Quick to take the initiative, to arrive at the fault site;
· Provide free technical exchange opportunities.
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