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Fujian Province, this year will be full speed up the construction of smart grid

Xinhua Beijing February 21, according to the Economic Daily News, the reporter learned from the national grid Fujian Electric Power Company, Fujian Province, this year will be full speed up the construction of smart grid to meet the economic development of the power supply and demand. Based on projections of economic growth in Fujian, the Fujian Province in 2012 the total electricity consumption will reach 171.5 billion kwh, an increase of 13% over the previous year; peak load will reach 27.6 million kilowatts, an increase of 13% over the previous year. In order to ensure the supply of electricity demand, power grid construction in Fujian constant speed, this year will be to work toward harmony, green goals ahead and focus on promoting the construction of smart grid.

    It is understood that, in 2011, the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Company actively carry out smart grid pilot project construction practice and achieved initial results. Fujian has put into operation more than intelligent substation, built a centralized monitoring system for provincial smart grid scheduling technical support system and regional grid operation, Xiamen distribution automation project has passed the acceptance, Fuzhou distribution automation project is fully completed. These smart grid projects completed and put into operation, to further enhance the level of intelligent grid equipment, better protection of the safe and stable operation of power grids.

    At the same time, Fujian Province electric vehicle charging electric facilities construction is moving forward steadily. At present, the province has built 3 charging for power stations and 300 charging pile, 1,760,000 cumulative smart meter installed, low-voltage users collect 603,900 lay a good foundation for the construction of intelligent electricity system.
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