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National Grid released "second five" first social responsibility report

2012 400,000 people without electricity electricity problem will solve

State Grid Corporation of February 21 2011 Social Responsibility Report "said that to solve the problem of electricity 96,000 in 2012 to more than 400,000 people without electricity, while speeding up the construction of a strong smart grid, complete the grid investment of over 300 billion yuan.

This report is the "second five" first social responsibility report, but also the State Grid Corporation of the 7th annual report released continuously. The report pointed out that the economic strength of the central enterprises, social contribution in the most outstanding performance in the history of the period, which are facing unprecedented tough environment of public opinion. This great contrast, have a direct relationship with the development of the central corporate philosophy, way of thinking and social communication mode. State Grid Corporation of the central enterprises transparency and communication requirements of today's society and the people at large, from the events of the moment regarding communication and oversight "developed to" return to the origin of the overall communication and supervision ", the public needs is understanding the central enterprise development with its internal relations of life, the inevitability and necessity to understand the central enterprises. Central enterprises must be based on national conditions, stage of social development, say the root cause of its own existence, output values​​, and can not stay pure propaganda, results expressed or excuse for certain events. State Grid Corporation of a special report by the first to release the white paper on green development, enterprise value white, continuous release of Corporate Social Responsibility Report, etc., to achieve rational comprehensive communication with the community, promote the establishment of trust and cooperation relations based on the value of identity and common to promote sustainable development.
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