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Smart grid development trend analysis report

Comprehensive smart grid construction, will lead to a comprehensive reform of the power equipment. China building a unified strong and smart grid, the need for a large number of transformers, switches and other equipment, is expected to be about 40% of the total grid investment. Domestic and international power equipment manufacturing enterprises have to adjust the direction of research and development, and research of intelligent devices. Transformers, high voltage switch, reactance the primary equipment industry, have to study the possibility of intelligent sensor combination. Secondary protection devices, automation control equipment, such as equipment industry, have primary equipment manufacturers explore one integrated ways of integrating the secondary equipment.
The smart grid will be the main pulling power industry information technology investment. CCW Research data show that in 2011 the field of IT investment scale smart grid is expected to reach 6.03 billion yuan, an increase of 38.4% from 2010. Smart Grid on strong demand for the IT smart devices and related software, has become the focal point of Chinese and foreign IT giants. Back in 2010, IBM released its wisdom, power strategies, as well as a series of solutions; such as SAP, Oracle also released their own solutions for domestic smart grid. Neusoft, sea Telewide domestic manufacturers are also applicable to the construction of smart grid program.
The completion of the smart grid will promote the construction of new energy development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is an important infrastructure to promote economic development in the future. The main bottleneck of the development of China's new energy network difficult and long transmission lines. Intermittent wind power, solar energy and other new energy generation, randomness, low scheduling, running on the grid after a large-scale access will have a greater impact, the need to increase the construction of peaking power.
Smart grid to change the traditional grid unidirectional transport mode, each end-user become electrically active online node to form an overall intelligent high efficiency grid. Smart grid power grid now use a combination of modern information technology. Clouds all aspects of the sensor grid with user interaction, the user's needs in a timely manner to reflect the action of the grid. The smart grid will take advantage of distributed computing systems to provide real-time analysis, its purpose is to continue to reduce costs and improve efficiency at the same time, improve the reliability and availability of the entire grid.
Domestic smart grid construction in the pilot, planning, standards development end of 2012 is expected to enter the stage of large-scale construction. 2009-2010 pilot phase of planning, focusing on strong and smart grid development planning, the development of technical and management standards, carry out research and development of key technologies, equipment development and various aspects of the pilot work.
2011-2015 for the construction phase, accelerate the construction of the North China, East China, Central China "Three Chinese" UHV synchronous grid. "Twelfth Five-Year" period, the State Grid Corporation of intelligent network plans to invest total of 286.11 billion yuan; investment will reach its peak in 2012 and 2013, respectively, to reach 61.82 billion yuan and 63.33 billion yuan. Is expected that the construction of intelligent substation of 110 kV and above 6100, 2900 new electric vehicle charging power stations and 540,000 charging poles, 230 million smart meters installed. 2016-2020 for leading the upgrade stage, fully completed unified strong and smart grid technologies and equipment reached the international advanced level.
Completion of the smart grid will fundamentally solve the problem of the shortage of coal power capacity. At present, China's energy structure is still mainly coal resources. 76% of the coal resources to maintain reserves located in the northern and western regions of Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Xinjiang, while the demand for energy consumption is mainly concentrated in the more economically developed eastern regions. To meet continued growth in demand for electricity in the future, to fundamentally solve the problem of the shortage of coal power capacity, the need to develop smart grid, the implementation of large-scale electric power, long-range, high-efficiency transport.
Plan in accordance with the national grid smart grid, smart grid radiation range is very wide. Including new materials, electric and electronic components manufacturing, battery manufacturing, new energy power generation, steel manufacturing, communications equipment, smart appliances, electric vehicles, smart home on the downstream industries. Follow-up will also spawned new industries such as Smart City, Smart traffic.
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