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Green building energy-saving technologies and services, two-pronged

The end of January, the Ministry of Construction of Housing and Urban announced the "12th Five-Year" building energy-saving special plan (draft), requirements to the end of the 12th Five-Year, building energy-efficient form of 116 million tons of standard coal energy saving ability.
On March 6, the main points of the building energy conservation and the science and technology department of housing and urban construction in 2012 on the issuance of the notice issued to promote the popularity of green building.
Recently, the central government once again to give strong support for energy conservation of existing buildings, a total amount of 5.3 billion yuan of funds for subsidies Northern existing residential heating systems in buildings and energy saving.
The first quarter, the government continued to force from building energy concerns. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, building energy consumption accounts for more than 28% of China's total energy consumption, and the energy level of development in accordance with the international experience and China's current building, the total energy consumption of the whole society by 2020, China's building energy consumption ratio will reach about 35%, beyond industrial use can become the first large capacity.
Released a series of related work plan and planning means important part of building energy efficiency as a national energy saving and development will certainly speed, "promoting large-scale Green Building and Energy Conservation, the time is ripe". March 29, vice minister of housing and urban construction remarks, tells the momentum of building energy efficiency.
As energy conservation actively fulfill social responsibility by the State Grid Corporation is actively exploring the building energy management experience and demonstrated expertise in intelligent building management of energy efficiency, energy efficiency evalsuation, energy-saving services.
Explore the wisdom of building technology charm
Cloud computing is not a new term, "cloud-based smart electricity business intelligence system" is a cloud computing to achieve Building Energy Management System, is a new exploration of the State Grid Corporation of energy efficiency management.
"All building energy use information on the network, and then the computer network virtual supercomputer into a unprecedented." The project leader weatherproof told the author, management personnel in the computer, tap the virtual switch can control model on the lights, air conditioning, fire protection system. Users can also through various terminals to enjoy the use of energy information services provided by it.
The management system called "cloud-based smart electricity business intelligence system, to participate in research and development by the State Grid EPRI, Ni Guangnan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently spoke highly of several experts.
King of the wind and rain to the author compares cloud computing the difference between intelligent systems with ordinary energy management software, it is a unique place that can be distributed collection and storage of energy information, analysis and mining in parallel processing, a large number of dispersed single buildings connected buildings, the overall building energy efficiency. "
The ordinary energy optimization and management software platform, only on a building diagnostics, find out who in the use of energy, in what areas, and how to improve the situation, "the system can all construction of a cell cluster consumption optimization and management, promotion is important in the field of building energy efficiency without energy transformation, on the structure of the building to do, "he said.
It is reported that this project has been in Baiyin smart park pilot applications, and identified by the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering organization, "according to the trial, this system can improve the final energy use efficiency of 3% to 5%.
In addition to be able to support the building energy efficiency, this system provides intelligent electricity for industrial users of energy efficiency analysis more prominent significance. According to Wang wind and rain, the establishment of orderly for electricity customers, provide support for the production of intelligent energy use, has an important significance for improving the efficiency of final energy electricity, optimize the economic operation of the grid, and promote social energy efficiency.
Expansion of the energy-saving services market space
Energy-saving service is also the main force of the energy-saving construction sector. According to the China Energy Conservation Association, Sun Xiaoliang, construction projects in the field of accounting for more than half of the number of contract energy management projects. Small investment, quick and mature technology, and policy support is gradually increased, a bright market prospects.
As a member of the force of energy-saving services, under the State Grid Corporation of more than 20 energy service companies in the field of building energy efficiency is also actively expand the market space.
Beijing Chinese Business Energy Management Co., Ltd., Fujian Sheng energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. and so have the experience of lighting retrofits. The latter since its inception will Fujian Electric Power Co., the old power dispatch building interior lighting system has been transformed, its more than 5,000 lamp light source the lighting transformation program design. "We selected the new third-generation energy-saving lamps LED light source, energy-saving rate of 67%." Said Sheng energy-efficient, general manager Wu Ruiyang.
Zhejiang and Zhejiang newly established electric energy Services Limited is also a soft spot for building energy efficiency. Energy-saving potential of the high energy-consuming enterprises of Zhejiang area has been excavated almost, the construction sector is the new hope. "Managing Zhejiang Electric energy assertive expression of planning for the future development of the company," the request of the Government 'second five' public buildings the formation of the 14 million tons of standard coal in energy-saving ability. Zhejiang electrical energy conservation company will seize this great opportunity. recently, we are visits to various large commercial buildings, mining opportunities for cooperation. "
In addition, by virtue of the professional advantages, the establishment of energy efficiency evalsuation agency is the State Grid Corporation in the field of energy-saving services major highlight.
"Back in 2007, we have been in the construction field to carry out air-conditioning can be efficiency evalsuation work, the operation of the Beijing area typical electric thermal storage (heat) and heat pump air conditioning system can be effective conduct a field test." EPRI efficiency evalsuation center chime, nearly year EPRI also the Beijing area typical of large shopping malls, office buildings, state organs, office buildings, industrial users to carry out the analysis with energy-saving energy efficiency testing diagnostic work. "The next step will be to accelerate energy efficiency evalsuation center trial capacity building to enhance the capacity of HVAC systems, public buildings, such as energy efficiency evalsuation and provide technical support for the national energy saving."
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