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Basic grid development in China lags behind contradictions be relieved

China has been the formation of three separate provincial network in North China, Northeast China, East China, Central China, Northwest, South of six inter-provincial power grid, as well as Hainan, Xinjiang, Tibet, 500-kilovolt transmission line has become a major power system skeleton and interprovincial the regional contact line, basic grid development lag contradiction to be eased.

Recently held in Nanchang, China Society of Electrical Engineering Transmission Electrical academic at the annual meeting, the deputy chief engineer of China Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation Xu Xiaodong introduced China's current overview of the development of EHV power transmission project, and disclosed an update on progress of the construction of power grids. Currently, China has built and put into operation 330 kV transmission line exceeded 10,000 km, 40,000 km of 500 kV lines; 330 kV substation transformer capacity of 17,550,000 kVA, 500 kV substation substation capacity 137.25 million KVA.

DC high-voltage transmission, in the construction of expensive wide, three wide DC transmission project put into operation, the total length of ± 500 kV DC transmission project will reach 4,691 km, the scale of the highest in the world.

The technical design of the Compact Transmission Line in China has been among the ranks of the world's advanced level. Currently, the compact line of 500 kV of Handan to Xinxiang compact line, 330 kV Tianshui into the county is under construction. The completion of these projects will fill the blank of China in the field of compact transmission line technology.

Northwest 750 kV transmission pilot project in 2003, one of the key projects of the State Grid Corporation of China marked the AC transmission project ranks among the advanced. In the pre-design process of the project, China has carried out a series of key technologies, to provide a scientific basis for the 750 kV transmission pilot project design, construction and major equipment selection of a higher voltage level grid technology the study and application of great significance. At present, the project has entered the preliminary design stage.

Xu Xiaodong said that China's power grid has initially formed a west to east, south and north for a greater degree of ease, the pattern of the national network, grid development lag contradiction. Hainan independent provincial network of China Southern Power Grid Interconnection Project ongoing into the next two years, Tibet and Xinjiang will be incorporated into the inter-provincial grid. Is expected that by 2006, China's power grid construction will be able to fully meet the power demands of the inland regions.
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